Milkshake Mixers Create Delicious Shakes Smoothies And Health Drinks In Mere Seconds

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Blend-up a wide variety of shakes, smoothies, malted milks to nutritional drinks with a multi-purpose milkshake mixer.A powerful 70 – 100-watt shake maker, with its precision motor, variable speed settings to aid in the ideal blending of ingredients, safety switch, tilt-head design for easier cup removal, and detachable spindle, offers complete versatility to create a varied selection of refreshing drinks in a kitchen at home.

Its high to low speed-settings ensures it is that much easier to arrive at the preferred consistency for a thick, frothy or smooth mixture. Also, besides its abilities to mix a wide variety of drinks, these multiuse appliances are perfect at mixing ingredients for a dessert or pudding to beating eggs for an omelet.

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A modern to retro styled milkshake blender is designed with a solid die-cast chrome base or similar such heavyweight build to provide complete safety and counter stability in operation whilst sitting on a kitchen surface or worktop – and its compact size ensures that these appliances do not take up too much space.

Accessories to complete the shake set-up in a home kitchen include the fountain-styled sculpted glasses, with a clear glass construction, extra 28-oz mixing cups if preparing several malts, shakes or smoothies at once to long-handle spoons sets and a separate hand-held frother for that extra frothiness in hot or cold drinks.

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The Multi Purpose Milkshake Mixer

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A variable speed milkshake mixer is the perfect machine for creating your own milkshakes, malts and mouth-watering smoothies.A well-built shake maker comes made from die cast steel or chromes to increase its stability on a counter top. There are designs to suit every kitchen decor including models in sterling silver, chrome, bright colored finishes and a host of other models.

In die-cast chrome, the stylish Oster 6627 Milkshake Mixer comes with a powerful 100-watt motor, variable speed controls, and keeps drinks cool in its a 28oz stainless steel cup. A heavy-duty machine equipped to blend ingredients for smoothies to milkshakes at a rapid pace.

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The distinctive, retro design of the Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster comes outfitted with quality features, such as its tilting head, dual speed controls, a attachable spindle, and its durable 70-watt motor is perfect to combine fruits, milk, flavors, ice cream and more for a variety of frothy milk shakes, health drinks, to fruit smoothies or malted milks.

Shake machines often feature a variable speed control, and a 12 to 28 ounce holding chamber, safety switches and discs to blend a variety of items and ingredients quickly. It should also have a durable 70 to 100 watt motor, easy to clean design and slip-resistant feet.

The appliances often come with recipes for easy to make flavor combinations like a Mexican chocolate malted caramel or Vietnamese iced coffee shake, or 100′s more to add delightful flavors to your drinks. While a more traditional mix like the favorite chocolate, vanilla or strawberry shake is simple to create with these appliances.A milkshake blender is an extremely versatile instrument in any kitchen whether it is put to use to beat eggs for the perfect omelet or to create low-fat milkshakes or fruit smoothies.

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Iron is in abundance in nature and in our food, so why is iron deficiency anemia as common as it is? Is everyone who has low iron levels diagnosed with Anemia? How is iron deficiency determined? How do I know if I’m getting enough? First we need to gain some basic understanding about iron and how we can become deficient.

What does the body use iron for?

Iron is most commonly known for it’s essential role in the formation of hemoglobin, the substance in the red blood cells that carry oxygen. Hemoglobin is a complex molecule with iron in the center and is identical to chlorophyll in green plants except the iron is replaced with magnesium. Iron is also needed for cells to use oxygen to produce energy to function. This vital mineral is also needed for the immune system; deficiency makes neutrophils (one type of white blood cell) less effective. It is also needed to enable your brain to work properly. Another interesting role iron plays is in the detoxification of drugs and other toxins taken into the body.

What Is Iron Dextran Injection

What causes iron deficiency?

There is no particular elimination mechanism in the body for iron. It is mostly lost in bleeding, such as during menstruation and major injury, with a small loss from sweat, hair and dead skin cells flaking off and in the bile. What the body does is control the amount coming in, and 90% of iron is recovered and recycled. Recycling not an idea originated by man, but his creator. If the body needs iron it absorbs more, if it has enough it will stop absorbing it.

Most people’s diet is abundant in iron. Deficiency usually comes from poor absorption, rather than from lack in the diet, although anemia can result from blood loss, and occult (hidden) blood loss such as hook worm infestation and bleeding ulcers. While iron in animal products (mainly from the blood consumed) is absorbed more readily, animal products require iron and other nutrients to detoxify the toxins they contain. About of 5 to 10% of the iron in food is normally absorbed. This can go up in times of extra demand such as menstruation and in cases of anemia when it can be as high as 45 to 64%.

The major cause of iron deficiency is vitamin C deficiency as well as anti iron substances in our western diet. Such as Tea and coffee which reduce absorption. Vitamin C is easily destroyed. An orange can lose most of it’s vitamin C within hours of picking. Processing destroys many vitamins, including up to 90% of vitamin C and most people’s diet is grossly deficient in fresh fruits and vegetable which are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the absorption of iron. The digestive function is critical, low stomach acid, antacids can reduce absorption. Lack of intrinsic factor in the stomach prevents absorption. This intrinsic factor is similar in structure to B12′s intrinsic factor, and heme, the iron containing molecule in hemoglobin.

It is interesting to note that chlorophyll in green leafy vegetables have a similar in structure. Both heme and chlorophyll have the same structure, except that heme has iron in the center, chlorophyll has magnesium. Oxalates and phytates in food bind to iron but calcium causes it to be released. Again it is interesting that calcium is high in green leafy vegetables, especially Chinese greens. It seems to me that this is no accident! Iron must be chelated (bound) to be transported. Unbound inorganic iron feeds certain bacteria. Lack of phytate to bind free iron has been implicated in colon cancer. Phytic acid, also called phytate, is known as Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) (Inositol is a member of the B group of vitamins). This interesting substance binds to minerals. It has been thought that it prevents their proper absorption. This assumption has been shown to be incorrect. It does bind minerals in order to transport them and it appears that it releases them when needed. 
Free, inorganic iron is toxic.

Iron will react very readily with oxygen causing substances which destroy cell membranes, including that of the gastrointestinal tract. Excess can cause a number of iron overload diseases. It can cause irritation to mucus membranes and bleeding, liver damage and renal failure. Many bacteria also need iron and unbound iron can cause bacteria to multiply. Overload has occurred in South African Natives from alcohol distilled in iron stills and cooking in iron cooking pot. This would have been inorganic free iron which would have caused GIT irritation. Too many blood transfusions can also cause Iron overload.

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Ironing clothes is a tedious but necessary household chore. It can be made easier, though, by using a good quality ironing board and there is a huge selection on the market today.

An ironing board has a flat, padded surface, on which clothes are placed for ironing, usually with a decorative cover made of heat-resistant fabric. The pad normally has vent ‘holes’, which allow steam from the iron to penetrate the clothes and escape out the bottom.

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A good ironing board also has extra features, to make ironing easier. These include ‘sleeves’, which are about 2 feet long and 6 to 8 inches wide, attached to the board, for ironing sleeves and small items of clothing.

Another important feature is the iron-rest. This is usually at the end of the board and made of heatproof material. A good iron rest is large enough to hold the iron safely, without risk of it falling off.

Types of ironing board

There are three main types of ironing board – portable, table-top and wall-mounted – each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help select the best kind of ironing board for your needs, you should consider how often it will be used, where it will be placed, how much space is available and what price range you can afford.

Portable ironing boards are the most common in American homes. They have extendable legs, which fold away for storage and fold out for use. They can be moved to which ever room in the house you want to do your ironing and then stored away when you have finished.

An advantage of portable ironing boards is the ability to adjust the height. For example, you may prefer to sit while ironing, instead of standing. And it helps to be able to adjust the height of the board easily, if smaller members of the household want to iron clothes, Portable ironing boards have a disadvantage, though, in being awkward to set up and cumbersome to move around.

The second type of ironing board – the table-top board – has short legs, and is designed to sit on a table top or counter. These ironing boards are easy to carry around and set up in a confined space, which makes them popular with dorm students. But because they are so small, it is difficult to place larger items of clothing properly on the board, which can be annoying when ironing sleeves or anything that needs to fit around the end of the board.

The third type of ironing board is mounted on the wall and then folds out when needed for ironing. These wall-mounted ironing boards are becoming more popular in modern homes. They have the advantage of saving space, which is a great asset in a smaller house or apartment. They can even be installed in a walk-in closet or other confined space.

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Greece Tour & Travel Packages

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Greece is a country which has many spectacular landscapes and beautiful beaches in the world. The country has many stone-built villages and it is rich in culture and traditions. Greece is the birthplace of philosophy, democracy, arts and drama and the Olympic Games. These are some of the Greek Tour Packages designed keeping in mind the budget and taste of the travelers.

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Day 1 arrival in Rome, Italy
Check into a hotel rest and later explore the ancient capital of Italy.

Day 2 Rome
Visit the St. Peter’s Square and also the mighty Colosseum.

Day 3 Rome-Pissa-Florence Area
This place is known for its natural beauty as here one can see rows of cypress trees, olive groves, terraced vineyards and villages through beautiful Tuscany. You must take a break in Pisa to see the Square of Miracles.

Day 4, Florence
This is the city of the Medicis where traffic is banned in part of the historic center. The city has much to offer as here one can see Piazza Santa Croce; the Palazzo Vecchio, the Piazza Signoria; the Loggia dei Lanzi and the Piazza del Duomo.

Day 5 Florence Area, Venice Area
Now you can move to enchanting Verona and see the renowned balcony of Romeo and Juliet.

Day 6, Venice
Venice is another great attraction and is the marvelous film set as there are criss-crossing canals, gondolas arched bridges, and water buses and little quiet piazzas. One must not miss the optional gondola trip over here.

Day 7 Venice Area-Ancona Embarkation
Next day you can move to the Po Delta to medieval Ravenna. Reach Ancona which is situated on the shores of the Adriatic.

Day 8 Patras- Greece- Olympia
Here you can get an opportunity to enjoy the facilities of the ship. Later on you can drive into the Peloponnese.
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Travel Packages in India – North Indian Travel Packages

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When traveling in India, there are certain things that you must never miss and there are certain places you must always place in your itinerary. North Indian sites are not to be missed when you’re looking to experience a mix of ancient Indian heritage and modernism. The northern parts are after all the historical and political center of the country.

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North Indian Travel Packages – The Types Available

When you consult tour operators in India about North Indian tour packages, the most popular one that they’ll put forward is the Golden Triangle Package. This package includes tours of three places in India that are of historical importance; the three being Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. It is one of the most popular travel packages in the country.

This will mostly be a 7/8 days and 6/7 nights trip starting at Delhi. The first two days are spent at Delhi, the third day in traveling from Delhi to Agra, the fourth day in visiting Agra, the fifth day in traveling to Jaipur and looking around the city and the sixth day in returning to Delhi. A lot of Mughal architectural marvels can be visited during this trip, along the likes of the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, the Hawa Mahal, and many more.

Then there are the very famous wildlife tours in North India as many wildlife sanctuaries are spread across this part of the country. The tour can last for 15 or 16 days depending on the package and can also include the Golden Triangle. The tour kicks off from Delhi and the first destination is the famous Jim Corbett National Park, which is famous for its tigers.

The next destination is the Ranthambore Sanctuary followed by the Keoladeo Ghana National Park. The trip’s last destination is the Kanha National Park, which is famous for its antelopes. During the journey, you may otherwise get to visit Agra and Khajuraho, two very famous heritage sites.

Another famous destination right on top of the list of many tour operators in India is the 15 day Camel Safari Package that takes tourists around the desert destination of Rajasthan. The package covers all major cities in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandwa, Udaipur, Mount Abu, and Ranthambore. The main attraction is the day long camel back safari through the desert that’s organized within the Desert National Park.

Besides these there are the Buddhist Pilgrimage travel packages in India that take tourists around all major Buddhist cities. Through the Palace On Wheels tour, you can take a journey around Rajasthan in a luxurious, palatial train. These travel packages can be mixed and matched with other travel destinations upon request through tour operators in India.
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A Look At The Rumors Surrounding The Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S3

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It seems that every day there are new rumours surfacing regarding the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Although not yet officially announced, the handset is already surrounded by masses on hype, with numerous websites claiming to be in possession of leaked photos and spec sheets.

Samsung’s upcoming headliner will be tasked with filling the shoes of the highly popular Galaxy S2, which was one of the most popular smartphones of 2011. Below I will round up some of the recent rumours about the Galaxy S3.

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Many suspected that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would sport a quad core processor. Logic would dictate that this is the case, as the new HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD boast this feature and both were recently released. Also, Samsung will have the iPhone 5 to compete with, so you would expect them not to take any chances of being outdone by Apple in the processor department upon its suspected summer release. It has recently been confirmed by a Samsung executive that the phone will indeed feature a quad-core processor, so users will benefit from outstanding performance levels from both the hardware and software alike. Interestingly, the processor is rumoured to be manufactured by Exynos rather than Qualcomm, who produced the processors in the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2.


Although questionable in their authenticity, there are several leaked photos of the Galaxy S3, claiming various sources both in and out of Samsung. However, many of these share common feature; an edge to edge screen. This means that the screen extends to the very edge on each side of the phone. This would suggest that the screen is likely to have larger dimensions than that of the Samsung Galaxy S2, and more than likely this will mean that a much higher resolution display will also be included. The smartphone world is still awaiting the arrival of the first full HD screen, so maybe the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the first.

Operating System

Although features like the screen and processor are questionable at this stage until officially announced, one this is for sure; the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be running the latest version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich. This was showcased on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with its impressive features such as face unlock and Google Beam. Updates are rolling out to compatible handsets in coming weeks, while many of the new Android phones released at Barcelona’s MWC event earlier this month also included the new software. Samsung’s biggest rival, Apple, are more than likely to release a new version of iOS alongside the iPhone 5 as has been the case with previous releases of the popular iPhone series.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 To Upgrade The Galaxy S2

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Much of the talk recently from the Korean manufacturer Samsung has been about the release of their latest Android operating software called Ice Cream Sandwich, however there now looks to be a new phone on the horizon which is to not only upgrade the current best-selling Samsung Galaxy S2 but also feature this latest OS, namely; the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is to offer a whopping 18GHz dual core processor which will be officially the fastest on the market, coupled with this is a staggering 12 mega pixel camera.Currently the Samsung Galaxy S2 features a 1.2GHz dual core chip along with an 8 mega pixel camera so this is a serious upgrade to what is already a very advanced smart phone.

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The main touch screen display is also to be upgraded to a large 4.6 inch Super AMOLED, the same technology as the current Samsung Galaxy S2 but even bigger, however the one overriding and noticeable change between these two handsets comes in the form of a new shape.

Whilst the existing Galaxy S2 is a very square and slim device measuring just 8.9mm at its thinnest point the new Samsung Galaxy S3 offers a far more rounded design often found in the manufacturers Wave range of handsets but is also reported to actually be slimmer than the current model.

The release of the latest Android OS was officially delayed by Google out of respect for the recent passing of the man at the helm of Apple; Steve Jobs, the launch event has now been rescheduled for a later date and the roll out to existing devices will occur after this date.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has recently been voted by readers of T3 magazine as the ‘Phone of the Year 2011′ beating off stiff competition from the likes of the iPhone 4 and HTC Sensation, should the new Galaxy S3 follow a similar path we could already be looking at the ‘Phone of the Year 2012′ considering the sheer amount of technology this new phone offers.

Although there has been no official release date mentioned by Samsung it is widely expected that the Galaxy S3 will be launched alongside the new Google Galaxy Nexus as happened with the previous Galaxy S and Nexus S launch pattern.

Whether we’ll actually see these two new phones this year remains unanswered but both Android and Samsung fans are already licking their lips at the though of these high specification devices hitting the market.

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Digital Multimeters Instrument For Your Testing Needs

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When it comes to test instruments, multimeters are the most widely used ones. They are efficient, accurate and user friendly as well. Each digital multimeter is equipped with various settings and they enhance the overall functioning of the device. The range of measuring capacity and frequency of the digital multimeters depends on the type of the model. They are available in different range and the accessories and added features are subject to pricing.

The digital screen is powered by batteries and the accuracy of the device depends on its effective usage. While testing and measuring make sure that the range is correct and the settings are in sync. Quality multimeters are strategically designed to measure various parameters. They are capable of testing current, resistance, voltage, frequency, temperature and many more.

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Digital Multimeters are crafted with sophistication and also to withstand adverse conditions. They are highly accurate and also fulfill the criteria and norms of being efficient testing equipment. The shape size and other dimensions can be altered as per model and they can also be custom made to meet specific requirements. Other than this there are infrared thermometers that are used to check the temperature of objects without any physical connect. When it comes to measuring pressure, digital pressure gauge is used.

For testing requirements there are different measures available and all the testing instruments perform at their best when made to function as per instructions. multimeters, infrared thermometers and digital pressure gauge are equipment that are widely used for various testing and measuring needs worldwide. Capable of showing the perfect results, all devices are made to function in the most challenging situations. Choose your testing instrument and ensure guaranteed satisfaction.

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Digital Multimeters and Test Measurement Tools Pro

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Digital Multimeters should be crafted in such a manner that it possesses highest accuracy value, superior reliability and maximum efficiency. With the advent of technologies, these testing equipment have arrived with marvelous features and high end functionality. Digital Multimeters have the ability to test the resistance, frequency, current, volts, temperature etc with optimum precision. The instrument is designed to be rugged and robust to withstand adverse conditions and perform at its best.

The screen of the instrument must be big enough to read the digits clearly. Always ensure that it is clear and readable. Below that, the instrument has the function switch that let the modes change while the instrument’s operation. It needs to be checked that the knob operates smoothly and allows you to change it. Being a able to multi task, Digital Multimeters tests and measures various items with ease. Thus it makes for a huge yes when it comes to owning one for your industrial as well as personal use.

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There is a variety of manufacturers available. Always ensure that you buy your instrument from authorized and certified centers to avoid any hassles in its functioning. The quality, performance and accuracy of Digital multimeters matter a lot. A Multimeter is also available in analog form but, the digital one is more accurate and widely accepted. With an LEC or LCD display, the accuracy and value gets a benefit over the needle used by analog ones.

Apart from this, there are other instruments of measurement that are applied for various purposes, Infrared Thermometers and Digital Pressure Gauge being two of them. The former one measures the infrared radiations coming out of objects to be measured, whereas Digital Pressure Gauge is the instrument for measuring pressure.

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